No amnesty!

It seems as though the Lib Dems beleive there are certain circumstances in which an amnesty could be offered for illegal immigrants to this country. What the Lib Dems seem to forget is they key word in the phrase illegal immigration – and that is ILLEGAL. AS a country we have never been a closed door to immiration. However what sort of message would it send that under certain circumstances even though you have entered the country illegally there could be the opportunity to stay.

My father emigrated to the States and having seem the procedure he has to go through in order to get a green card it certainly open my eyes. Now I personally could envisage the UK having some sort of similar scheme whereby people wishing to LEGALLY emigrate to this country would have to go through something just as rigorous. What we must not and should never do is send the mesage out there that if you enter the country ILLEGALLY there may well be the possibility that all will be forgiven and you can stay. Effectively all that will do is send the message that the UK is a soft touch – come on in!

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