Fabian nonsense

The Fabian Society have published a poll today which effectively indicates what the British public think people should get paid. Frankly I have never read such nonsense. Ok so footballers get paid too much…. but then that's what the market dictatets and come their mid 30s they end up earning nothing.

Then of course the survey suggests leading authors should earn no more than £80,000. And people running business should settle for £120,000.

My god – is this a hark back to the bad old days of Socialism?

What I do notice is there doesn't seem to be any questions about some of the rather large salaries on offer in the Public Sector. In fact I do wonder if anyone at the Fabian Society gets paid more than the stated average salary of a nurse as I would hope that they would be giving that money back, as I am sure a survey asking whether anyone involved in a left wing think tank should get paid more than a nurse would show a clear No! In fact how ironic it is that they have an advertised post for an events manager on their website – with a salary of up to £25,000 which I believe is more than the average salary for a nurse!


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