Where does she get it from?

She really is unbelievable.  Polly Toynbee is clearly on a different planet from the rest of us, as demonstrated quite beautifully in her latest article for the Guardian.  I have no problem with people being cautious about John Redwood's policy proposals that were discussed at great length in the media yesterday, but as usual Polly Toynbee spent the entire article trying to stoke the flames of crisis and disaster in a future Conservative government.
Her arguments are painfully rooted in our socialist past, as she seems to have forgotten that her vision of a "stronger, not a weaker, state" brought this country to its knees many years ago and the Labour party has done its best to move away from those ideals ever since.  Other memorable points include claiming that letting employers use common sense in health and safety laws is a bad thing, and she clearly would like us to adhere to a 48-hour week without exception – thereby collapsing the British economy overnight.  Have a read of the article if you want to be transported back to the last time that left-wingers were in charge.

Tom Richmond

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