Why a Conservative Government is needed

I spent about half an hour on the phone to Radio 4 who called to ask me for my take on the latest criticism of Cameron that has emerged today. Dizzy has written a piece on what we both listened to which you can read here.

My take on it is fairly simple. In 6 months we will undoubtedly be fed up with all the policy announcements coming from the party – so those who say there isn't enough policy should be satisfied fairly soon. Then of course there is the will to win. I'm 32 and the party hasn't won an election while I've been able to vote – a sobering thought isn't it!

And then of course I was asked well surely you don't want power for powers sake. Well of course not. I wrote the following on the Spectator's Coffee House blog as to why we NEED a Conservative Government.

It's because Conservatives,..

"…understand that businesses create jobs, not government; they understand families know best how to spend their hard earned money not the state; they understand the nation state still has a role, do not subscribe to a European superstate and would offer the people of this country a referendum on any change to that situation; they understand that you succeed in life becaue of what you know not who you know; because they understand power should be concentrated in the hands of the many and not the few and because only a Conservative Government would put in place policies to make these beliefs a reality."

So perhaps after today's media storm has died down we can remember just what a broad church the party is, and why we need to win the next election.




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