Is there a show worse than Big Brother?

Apparently so. It seems there is a new Dutch reality show which is going to allow three patients to compete for a kidney from a terminally ill cancer patient. Ughhh – how far into the depths of reality television are we going to go???

Post Office Closures – Interview with Charles Hendry MP

Tory Radio took the opportunity to talk to Charles Hendry, Shadow Trade and Industry Minister, whose portfolio covers a varirty of issues including the Post Office.

To hear what Charles has to say on the issue of Post Office closures click the link belpw

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More Government Warnings

 First came warnings on cigarrette packets that smoking kills. OK I accept that 50 years ago people may not have known – but anyone who smokes now, and claims they don't know the damage they are doing to themselves are either liars, or just kidding themselves.

Then we have traffic lighting of food. Now I dont actually accept there are any bad foods – it's just the amount and variety you eat. Cheese isn't bad – but if you eat about 2kg a day then it probably is. Pineapple would get a red light for the amount of natural sugar in it – yet it would be one of the five a day Government wants us to eat. So the poor consumer is likely to be more confused than ever.

Now we are looking like alcohol will come with health warnings on the bottles.

What exactly are they going to say – Watch out, drinking too much of this may make you talk absolute jibberish, fancy someone who in the morning really doesn't look as nice as thay did the night before, and will make you have a craving for a kebab from the chip shop down the road? And all this from a Government who allowed pubs to open whenever they want.

What next – the new Casinos having warnings that for some gambling is addictive, and Porsche garages warning that the cars on sale are quite fast and could be a bit dangerous if you don't know what you're doing.

Now I am all for provding people with information so that they can make an informed choice, but when are adults going to be trusted on how to live their own lives. Is there any evidence that Government health warning ever change any behaviour? I'd like to see it!

Charles Hendry Exclusive interview….

Coming first thing tomorrow morning!

Make sure you visit to hear what Charles has to say about the Post Office


Welsh Rainbow Coalition back on?

Well according to this story it could well be!

Labour’s White Paper today – a black future tomorrow?

Wednesday saw the grand unveiling of Government’s long awaited proposals for cutting carbon emissions and ensuring Britain’s future security in energy supplies.  After Labour’s previous White Paper in 2003 pronounced nuclear power as an ‘unattractive option’, the following four years seem to have been formative in party policy since the new package is now strongly propagandising the investment in new nuclear building projects to private energy firms. Although Government has been fiercely chastised for dragging its heels on the matter, Trade and Industry Secretary Alistair Darling, has defended the party stating that in a matter of such urgency, the right decisions need to be made quickly, yet effectively.

Threats of power shortages are looming over Britain. By 2023 all but one of the country’s nuclear power stations now in operation will have reached the end of its expected lifespan. Twinned with the country’s concerns over climate change and soaring greenhouse gas emissions, Government has been faced with the sticky dilemma of devising an efficacious yet eco-friendly program.  Presently, only 5% of Britain’s power comes from renewable resources, yet the White Paper has voiced a commitment to trebling this number. Nevertheless, the proposals have given significant weight to the future role of nuclear power stations in Britain.  This has prompted impassioned opposition from concerned members from the Liberal Democrats, Green Peace and various environmental groups. (continued)

Apparently a third of bloggers risk the sack

BBC News online have a story about one third of bloggers risk getting the sack. One of the main reasons is posting derogatory posts about their boss. I know what they mean. My boss is a complete, to use an American phrase, "hard ass."

The joys of working for yourself!

Bad news Bad news

Well at the time of writing Michael Howard won't be too pleased with the performance of his football team in the Champions League, and I suspect David Cameron won't be too pleased to see the ICM poll for tomorrows Guardian will show a reduced lead of only two points.

Still…..45 minutes ia a long time in a Champions League final and a week is a long time in politics!

"You don't mess with another MPs Grammar school"

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 Click the link below to hear the Tory Radio interview on Grammar Schools with Mark Field MP.

Hear why he thinks, "You don't mess with another MPs Grammar School."

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Three new interviews coming soon!

Tory Radio will be conducting several new interviews over the next few days. First we will be talking to Mark Field on a subject that hasn't been out of the papers for quite a few days – that of Grammar schools. Then we will be conducting our regular Challenge the Chairman interview with Francis Maude, followed closely by an interview with Charles Hendry the Shadow Minsiter who has responsibility (amonst a large portfolio) for Post Offices.