Network Rail looking after those marathon runners?

Last year I foolishly took part in the London Marathon – my second appearance in the event. I suspect I was the only runner that set off aged 30 and by the time I finished I was 31. Yes I had a birthday that day – though the speed I went meant c couple even had time to get married on the course and beat me. My Grandad always used to say, “slow but exceedingly sure”, and that was certainly my approach.

This year I am thankfully not taking part – though I never say never again.

I had planned to go down to London from Newark – as its just over an hour away from Newark, however I have just checked the timetable and my god, there may well be some unhappy marathon runners tomorrow.

If they want to get back up North, only as far as Newark, as an example, they will have to take a train from Kings Cross Thameslink to Luton, and bus from Luton to Peterborough followed by a train for the rest of the journey.

Now I have to say the last thing you need after doing the marathon is being cramped up on a bus for 2 hours – but that will be what Network Rail will be inflicting on some of those tired marathon runners.

If you are quick enough to get a 14:43 train you may get back to Newark just before 19:00. It may be nearly as quick to keep on jogging!

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