MEP watch

With the party about to look at the issue of how it will go about selection it's candidates for the next European Elections, the guys and MEP watch have jumped into action once again to defend the rights or the ordinary members.

I have to say that I agree with the sentiments expressed in this letter. Now there are those MEP who will say it isn't fair that they have to be judged alongside all new candidate and they deserve to keep their place at the top of  regional list as a right. My argument would be that their ranking was given by the membership – therefore it should be the membership who continue to give that ranking. Voters at election time effectively vote for a party under the existing list system with a personal vote not existing in the same way as it may do in a 1 member constituency which exists in a UK General Election.

I have already had a fe few emails with questions for the Party Chairman, when Tory Radio interviews him early next week….. so watch this space


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