Over promising and undelivering – a lesson for politicians?

 Last week we decided to order our shopping from a leading supermarket. We had been extermely busy all week and my mum was coming over at the weekend following a family funeral – so thought this would be convenient.

Having ordered it online we were given a delivery slot of 7-8pm on a Friday. It may have come in the middle of Coronation Street – but I thought that a price worth paying.

8pm came and went, and staying in all Friday night isn't my idea of a good night, so we gave the Customer Services line a call. They were very apologetic and said we would get it by 9:00pm. 9:00pm came and went so we called again and they said it was on its way. At 9:30 or so we got a call from the delivery driver saying they now couldn't delivery – but would definitely get it to us by the new time of 10:00am the day after Saturday. To apologise we were given a code for £10 off our next order.

So…. on Saturday morning we called at 9:00am to check whether they would get here for 10. Oh yes, we were the first delivery. 10:00am went and no delivery so we call again. Oh they have just left Lincoln they will be there in five minutes. This time we decided to pull them up on it – given it would be at least 40 minutes to get here. Oh well – we think they will be there shortly. We tell then tell them we want a call by 11 to check our order has been delivered – as by now my Mum has arrived and we need to go out. 11:00am comes no delivey. The telephone rings and its a driver saying he is half an hour away, as he has just left the Lincoln store.

11:30 comes and the shopping arrives, The delivery men are good sports and all in all we are given £40 of vouchers.

Whilst that was nice, it really is a lesson in over promising and undelivering. Don't tell someone you can do something that will never happen. Why do you think Amazon says an item will be there in 7 days, and when it arrives in 3 you think what a wonderful service. Politicians could perhaps learn something from this. People are much more politically savy these days and over promising really isn't going to convince anyone when it comes to election time.

The Sainsburys van outside our house proudly stated that they promise to deliver in one hour time slots. Well we learned that's not always the case. Groceries coming  a day late is neither here nor there – but for politicians the danger or over promising can be much more severe.

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