Cameron a toff?

Well I watched the much anticipated Dispatches programme on David Cameron and I have to say Peter Hitchens certainly loved to have a go at the party leader. Hitchens whole argument seemed to be based on the fact that Cameron has apparently changed his views on policies he has previously stood on, and now Labour and the Conservatives are so close the electorate have no choice.

Well I'm sorry to disappoint Mr Hitchens, but I don't agree. Firstly, the Conservative Party was, is and always will be a broad church with a variety of views. Then we have to look at the argument that Cameron is for want of a better word posh. Well so what – do you know something, so is Anthony Blair, and actually if we get down to it, Ming Campbell and even Nigel Farage. I don't see any crime in that. Come to think of it, I think Peter Hitchens is rather posh too!

Then we could disect some of the arguments about, say for example, stressing green credentials. Hitchens pointed to the fact that apparently Cameron was anti wind farms, yet he has a wind turbine on his house. Well do you know what – I too campaigned against a wind farm being built in the constituency I fought, yet I too believe that we can do something to help our environment. Now I don't believe having a wind turbine on your house is either cost effective, or will actually make much difference – but that's my personal choice. I do believe Steve Hilton is spot on in putting Environmentalism at the heart of Conservative thinking.

Apparently the Shadow Cabinet have a lot of Old Etonians in it – and yes that does worry me a bit, but as long as we have the most capable people in the top jobs then I am fine.

The programme talked about the A list – and Tim Montgomerie from ConservativeHome talked about how the A list didn't look at other ways of being more representative – say having more Northerners, or people who worked in the Public Sector (I quite like that concept – but I would wouldnt I).

At the end of the programme I was left with the feeling that if that's the best they can throw at the party, well bring on the General Election.


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