Can blogging pay?

You wouldn't believe it – bit since it's inception the podcast bandwidth here at Tory Radio has increased 15 fold! Yes 15 fold. All that has a price and I cant subsidise it with that well paid job now I have set my own company up. Following Dizzy's lead I have signed up for Blogvertise which effectively allows you to get paid for writing posts on topics that may interest you, but are about advertisers products. Signing up for Blogvertise is pretty similar to writing book reviews when you get sent the book to read or having wrote a post about a certain product – getting sent the product to review it – which recently happened to me when I was sent a Vodafine 3G USB widget, after moaning about how my datacard woudlnt fit in new laptops.

Anyway, I dont expect I will be doing a huge amounts of stuff on Blogvertise stuff – but a few pennies will certainly help to go towards paying for the podcasts…. unless you know anyone who wants to donate out of their love for Tory Radio!


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