They don't like it up 'em

Iain Dale has a great piece here highlighting, well let's just say a difference of opinion in the high command of the Lib Dems. The comments are quite amusing, as when you highlight the fact that the Lib Dems have something of a track record of trying to be all things to all people they really don't like it.

I remember being at the Lib Dem conference with work, when one of their senior spokesmen told the audience that at some stage if the party was to reach critical mass – and be seen as a truly national party they would have to adopt national policies that all senior and indeed other Lib Dems agreed on. It is certainly one thing to disagree with aspect of party policy. No one expects everyone to agree to everything a party stands for. It however is wholly another thing to portray a polciy to the public as if it is Lib Dem policy in one area – when down the road you are actively campaigning against the very same policy – an art form that the Lid Dems are past masters.

Is PR still a Lib Dem Policy?

Will the Lib Dems be pursuing a coalition with Labour?

I suppose it depends which Lib Dem you ask, and what day it is.


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