House selling – who would do it?

I come to ask myself why is selling a house such a painful process in this country. Why can't you name your price, let people come round, they make an offer and if acceptable that's an end to it.

The Government considered then reconsidered the issue of Sellers packs in an attempt to protect buyers – but what is there in place to protect the honest seller. My house went on the market around 8 months ago. In fact in the time it has probably only been on the market for about 14 days. I accepted an offer literally 3 days after it first went on the market. A young couple who apparently had no chain (as I didn't) put an offer I accepted. 4 months later I find out they are in the middle of an IVA process (you must have seen the recent TV ads about restructuring debt) and that the wife was selling a house to her husband – thereby in itself creating a chain. So the house went back on the market – and again the second person to see the house put an acceptable offer in.

This time I was told the lady in question had been divorced and the money from that was with her solicitor and she would just need a small mortgage. Again no chain – so I was happy to accept. 2 months later with no survey done I decided to ask a few questions. It appears that in actual fact she hadn't got a mortgage yet as the money from the divorce wasn't sorted and that would be sorted in court in something like 16 weeks time. So yet again my house goes back on the market.

Personal experience now begs me to ask the question why can't there be a system in this country whereby if an offer is accepted, some sort of deposit is paid to stop people wasting time and pulling out of deals. I am usually minded to believe less legislation is usually the way forward however personal experience really does lead me to believe that to make the house buying process easier in this country there really need to be a few changes to our current system which quite frankly doesn't work for either side – buyer or seller.

They say buying and selling a house can be one of the most stressful times of your life. I now have a few more grey hairs than I used to have, and a house that is now back on the market.

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