Viva Manchester

Iain Dale is busy eating his hat – as the super casino is going to Manchester. I don't particularly gamble- though have always liked the slot machines when I used togo to Bridlington each year. My biggest worry is that the Government appear to be basing their regeneration schemes on gambling – which certainly brings it's own social problems.

I remember being at a meeting where one of the representatives working for one of the companies wanting to build casinos, when challenged about what effect lots of casinos would have suggested that given there was almost unregulated gambling on the internet – why regulate it on the high street.

I shan't name the MP who hit back, but I thought it was a goos point when he said that there is also no regulation for porn on the internet – but he didn't think that was necessarily a good argument for it moving to the centre of our cities.

The gambling debate will go on.

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