Ebay sense of humour lapse

I try not to bore you with non political stories however this one did make me smile.

For my 30th birthday my wife bought me a Playstation 2, as Id never had a computer game console before.Anyway, now that all my stuff is coming over to our house, I thought it was a good time to get rid of it and the games – one of them being The Godfather.

In the listing I put – Make me an offer I cant refuse – a play on words from the Godfather. Anyway I was shocked to find my listing had contravened ebay rules – something about trying to avoid ebay fees.I pointed out their mistake and recieved the following:-

I would like you to know that I realize you did not intend to violate
policy when you listed this item and I apologise for the inconvenience
this removal has caused you.

However, in accordance with our User Agreement, items prohibited by eBay
Listing Policies are not allowed to be listed on the eBay site.
Unfortunately, as you are aware, the following text was found to be in
breach of eBay's Fee Circumvention Policy:


Please know that it is not permitted to use the phrase “make me an
offer” unless you A) have a best offer option on your listing or B) make
it clear that the transaction will be made through e-Bay.

For this reason, we have ended your listings and credited all associated
fees to your account. We have also notified any bidders that the
listings have been removed.

Hmmmm clearly not a Brando fan then.

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