It's not so good to talk

Do you remember when they brought the law in which made it illegal to use your phone while driving. Has it made any difference? Have you seen hundreds no thousands of people happily holding their phone while driving?

Well it now appears that the penalty will rise from the end of Feb to 3 points and a £60 fine. I have an inbuilt car kit so if anyone calls my hands never have to leave the wheel. I actually think people shouldn't use their phones while in the car without a carkit, and welcome moves to stop this kind of behaviour (though Ive always thought holding a burning cigarette while driving is potentially as lethal).

My issue here is where are the police to actually enforce this rule? I think somewhere like Derbyshire has about 20 odd police cars for the whole county – so I wonder just who will be handing out those 3 points for the chap on the M1 sending a text and nearly running me off the road. Nice idea but if our laws are unenforceable I have to ask why have them in the first place.

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