Guardian compliments Tory Radio

The following appeared in a piece by Emily Bell entitled, "Separating the bloggers from the tossers"in the Media Guardian……

Webcameron looks like an earnest attempt at this re-engagement. But, unfortunately, it is a bit like buying a copy of Jockeyslut and discovering the Spectator inside. While the technology and jargon is all there, the true intent to engage isn't. Hence Cameron's videos, blog posts, etc, never veer into the realm of the conversational. They never refer to sources outside Cameron or point to material he's seen or read, or link to people he's talked to. It is a one-way diatribe of not-quite policies.

He should take a leaf out of the books of his colleagues. Like Jonathan Sheppard's ToryRadio blog, which contains trivia, like stuff about his new car, or his failure to appear on Sky News, alongside posts about the regulation of the internet and so on. It's not the best blog in the world, but it has authenticity.

I think I'll put that in the testimonials section! If you want to know what Francis Maude thought of the new debt campaign which focussed on the "inner tosser" check out the interview I did with him on 30th, which can be found in the archive section.



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