Ming going green

As much as Im loathed to write about the Surreal Alternative I thought it interesting to comment on the plans this country's third party has for its conference in Brighton next month. Clearly they are going to go on the offensive about the environment if you count the number of fringe events organised on the subject.

This is a huge compliment to David Cameron and the efforts I fully support which have put the environment back at the heart of Conservative thinking. The Tories have gone green – and its left Ming and his merry band feeling pretty green – around the gills anyway.

The Conservatives now have to ensure the Environment and Social Responsibility isn't put above all other policies. Yes we care abour recycling AND having safe streets and town centres. We can  talk about law and order AND energy saving measures – one doesn't preclude another. We also have to ensure the environment doesn't become a middle class obession. Its alright pushing energy saving light bulbs -but they need to be affordable to everyone. Personal wind turbines are nicw – but I'm not sure a pensioner could fork out for one. The Conservatives can steal a march on the Lib Dems by ensuring our policies are open to everyone, who can all do their bit, not just those with money.

If we get that right, then Ming is going to get even more green as the electorate comes to realise that to get real green policies embedded throughout all departmental areas, you have to vote blue.

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