Tory Radio Talks To Ken Clarke

Tory Radio took the opportunity to talk to recent leadership contender, and current Nottinghamshire MP Ken Clarke.

To listen to the Ken Clarke interview click here

To find out why he believes he isn’t Conservative Party leader, what his views on Europe are, and why every motorist may be justified in having “the hump with him, click the link above.

Evening Standard Coverage of the Tebbit Interview

Challenge the Chairman 2

In conjunction with ConservativeHome, Conservative supporters, members and bloggers took their opportunity to put questions to the Chairman of the Conservative Party, Francis Maude MP.

  • Find out what Francis has to say about the Bromley by election
  • What his thoughts of the EPP decision are
  • Whether Guido Fawkes will be allowed to attend Conservative Conference
  • And how its time for the party to “raise our game”

To listen to the exclusive Tory Radio interview click the link below.

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What bright spark?

 Having had the opportunity to live in the States as a child gave me the chance to visit various places I would never have otherwise seen.

One visit that sticks in the memory is visiting Thomas Eddison's House – the man widely acknowledged to have invented the light bulb. If memory serves me correctly the light bulbs in his house have never been replaced and are still working!

If a story in the Mail on Sunday is to believed, Government is pushing to encourage people to use energy saving bulbs (such as the one pictured here). Now surely this is to be welcomed, but then you hear how they are thinking of doing it.

They aren't trying to lowed the cost of energy saving bulbs – no – they want to tax less efficent ones.

So the Government who give people like my Nanas money in the form of her Winter fuel allowance, will now be taking it back off her by raising the price of normal bulbs. Is this really the best way to encourage us to be more energy efficient?


Forthcoming Attractions

Well what a day for Tory Radio! Being flagged up on the BBC website certainly drove some traffic. And the articles om the Telegraph and Guradian website all helped. It was Brendan Carlin at the Telegraph who first picked up on the Lord Tebbit interview.

Then on the way home from a busy week in London I saw the interview being mentioned in the Evening Standard and also in their editorial. Its a pity they didnt manage to say Tory Radio conducted the interview isn't it.

Anyway, in between wlaking to towm, doing the shopping, painting my front door and trying to get my house in some sort of order so that it can go on the market, I am about to put together the interview I did with Ken Clarke – which will go online on Monday. Another fascinating "subject" to talk with for half an hour.

Its that time of the month again too – Your chance to CHALLENGE THE CHAIRMAN. I am sure Tim Montgomerie will let me flag this up on ConservativeHome, but if you have a question for Francis – you can also email me direct at

Helping Tory Radio

Not only did Lord Tebbit spend time talking to Tory Radio – he also signed a House of Lords 2007 diary and a House of Commons 2007 diary.

If you'd like a great piece of political memorabilia email a bid to – all proceeds to help with the running costs of this podcast.

No Honours will be given in return for your support!

Tebbit and hugging hoodies


Brendan Carlin of the Telegraph has written an excellent piece on the Norman Tebbit interview I did this week. You can access it on The Telegraph's site here.

Its also covered here on the Guardian's site

To listen to the full interview click the links below

Lord Tebbit interview part 1

Lord Tebbit interview part 2

I'm off to the Public Affairs News awards taking place tonight, so Ive been persuaded to put the interview online early.

I really think it gives an insight into the man which I never expected.

Let me know what you think.

What a difference a day makes….

24 little hours, which brought about the arrest of Labour fundraiser Lord Levy, a pledeg by David Cameron to leave the EPP, with (if I understand it correctly) all MEPs who will stand at the next Euro elections also having to agree to leave the EPP, and of course three great interviews to go online.

A super interview with Shadow Childrens Minister Tim Loughton – one not to be missed.

A fascinating chat with the Big Beast himself Ken Clarke.

And COMING TOMORROW, an interview with the "Chingford skinhead", Lord Tebbit

Tebbit Talks To Tory Radio

It takes a lot to make me me lost for words but today it happened.

I don't know what I expected when I knew I was going to meet Lord Tebbit. Here was a figure who was invovled in politics at the highest level when I was a lad. Here was a man who was a key member of the Thatcher Government. Here was a man who took on the Unions and won.

Here was a man who told me not to tell his secretary that he had forgotten he was meeting me, or he would get in trouble.

Here was a man who when I asked him if there was any decision he could change in his political career, he said to me that he would change his marginal decision whether on the Thursday evening of the party conference in 1984 he would to stay on in Brighton to be on the platform hte next day for the Prime Minister's speech rather than as hed been thinking, nipping off early and going home.

That really puts life into perspective doesn't it!

The two part interview I have just been putting together is a real insight into Lord Tebbit and what he stands for. It will probably be quite an eye opener to those who only know him by whats written about the man.

The TaxPayers Alliance Exclusively on Tory Radio



A few weeks ago I took the opportunity to interview Matthew Elliott, Chief Executive of The TaxPayers Alliance.

Click the link below to listen to the exclusive interview

Interview with The TaxPayers Alliance