Tory Radio scores another scoop – by Andrew Woodman

After Francis Maude’s admission that we won’t we won’t be sending mincing
meterosexuals to fight gritty Northern seats, and Lord Tebbit revealing his
support for David Cameron’s hug a Hoodie speech, Tory Radio scored another
exclusive with the revelation that Ken Clarke is the man who bought the
dreaded speed hump to British roads during his first job as a minister. I
think during his many years in the Cabinet, Ken Clarke more than made up for
this hideous act.

Other interesting points in the interview were Ken Clarke’s trouble with
Health (the ministry, not himself), how to win an argument with Lady
Thatcher and of course Europe and whether he did actually read the
Maastricht treaty.

It will be interesting to see how history views Ken Clarke. The lost leader,
The number one Pro European or one of the great Chancellors, who’s legacy
Gordon Brown has managed to live off for the past ten years. I think it will
be all three to a certain extent, but with the Conservative Party becoming
increasingly Eurosceptic, I suspect the media will keeping coming to Ken
Clarke for pro European quotes, so the Europhile term will continue to

I think one thing is for sure though, and that’s Ken Clarke still enjoys
politics and I don’t think he’ll be retiring any time soon.

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