Andrew Woodman comments on Lord Tebbit's Spectator article

Lord Tebbit speaks controversially to the Spectator (although you heard it here first at Tory Radio) 
Lord Tebbit has again voiced his concern about the number of stay at home voters in this weeks Spectator. Listeners to Tory Radio will already know about these concerns, as Lord Tebbit addressed the point in his recent interview on this website. Lord Tebbit pointed to the fact that both the Conservatives and Labour fell below the 10 million voter benchmark in the last election. which he considers to be the real standard. 
The Spectator interview may be seen by some as an attack on David Cameron. Others will say that Lord Tebbit is highlighting a potential problem the Conservatives might face in keeping the right on side as the Conservatives move more towards the centre. 
There are many who believe the only way to judge the success of the modernising agenda, is how much it upsets Lord Tebbit. They may have been surprised therefore, by the remarks within the interview regarding the much vaunted ‘hug a hoodie’ speech. He stated that circumstances such as family breakdown and lack of discipline have created the problems of antisocial behaviour, and society is failing kids on the streets looking for an ASBO as a badge of honour.. 
Though I’m sure all Conservatives will agree with Lord Tebbits supposition within the interview, that Tony Blair is a fantasist who believes everything he says. He even probably believes he’s George Bush’s equal!! 
To listen again click the links below:-



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