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Former leader of the Conservative party talks about his time as leader, what regrets if any he has, and how he is now going out to bat for the little people, in his role in the Social Justic arena.

Iain was elected as Member of Parliament for Chingford at the 1992 General Election. In 1997, he was re-elected for the re-drawn constituency of Chingford and Woodford Green. During the last decade in Parliament Iain’s courteous and straight-talking approach to politics has won him many admirers.

Under William Hague, Iain was promoted to the Shadow Cabinet in 1997. As Shadow Secretary of State for Social Security, Iain dedicated his time to exposing the gap between the Labour Government’s rhetoric and the reality of their failure on welfare reform.

After much success in this role, he was promoted to Shadow Defence Secretary in 1999. Over the next two years, Iain gained an international reputation for his contribution to the debates on the European Army and the US missile defence initiative as well as his success in exposing the Government’s failure to give British forces the right money and equipment.

In September 2001, at the age of 47, Iain was elected Leader of the Conservative Party in the first ever ballot of the Party’s membership. He served as Leader until November 2003.

In December 2005, he was appointed Chairman of the Party’s new Social Justice Policy Group.

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