MPs mistaken tweets being covered up?

I always have a little chuckle at some of the tweets that MPs delete either because they have been a little trigger happy or just can’t spell. Rather than visit the very good Politiwoops website, it would be much easier to follow them on twitter.



And yet if you try to follow it says the  @deletedbyMPs account has been suspended. Why oh why? They do provide some light entertainment every now again. Surely no one has complained?

Cross party solidarity with @falklands_utd

I wondered what I should do with my 15,000 tweet.

Twitter can be quite powerful these days. I only came across the twitter account @falklands_utd today and they are seemingly wanting to build support for the islanders.

For many reasons, including the fact that the Vulcan bombing raid to the Falklands took place just down the road I would have thought every MP from across the political spectrum would like to show a little solidarity with those on the Falkland Islands and maybe by following the @falklands_utd twitter account it will be just a small message to the like of Kirchner that we support their right to self determination.

Thousands of people showing their support, and all our legislators is a more powerful message than just signing the odd Early Day Motion in Parliament is it not? So come on people – why aren’t you persuading your MP to give them a follow and message of support?

And that, I think, is a good use of my 15,000th tweet don’t you think?

Iain Dale is back

Just a short blogpost to say that my old pal Iain Dale is back doing what he does best. No I’m not talking about publishing books. No I’m not talking about his rather good radio show. No I’m not talking about boring me to death with talk about West Ham (Ok he doesn’t do that much). I’m talking, of course, about his return to blogging, which has been long overdue. For those who haven’t picked up on his return check out his website here. Well worth an addition to your favourites.

Do it the old fashioned way

Perhaps it’s just me? Perhaps the glow of Christmas has already become jaded but I am getting a little fed up of certain sections (and I stress that) of the population bemoaning that they have to tighten their belts.

Firstly we hear about how bad it is going to be for people on benefits as for once it appears as though we have a Government that is prepared to put the strivers before the skivers. Well when I get up at 5:00am to go to work, and because I am lucky and have an employer that knows I do a good job it means I will get back home at 7:00pm.  And due to the recent rail fair increase, for the pleasure of doing that I will be paying £9,368 for a season ticket. But wait, so will my wife. But wait again, because I don’t want to fork out for my ticket all at once I will buy monthly tickets at a cost of £899 which means my family will be paying getting on for £20,000 (but certainly over £18,000) this year to get to work. Why do I do it. Well I have always been of the Judge Judy school of thought who suggests, “If you want to eat, you work”. So forgive me if I don’t have sympathy when the Government suggests it will cut the total amount of benefits one family can receive.

Then of course I hear the bleating of families where someone earns over £50,000 and will lose child benefit. I earn less than that. I don’t see why you having a child is any more of a public benefit that me getting to work – so if you can get a tac break/benefit (call it what you will) for having a child maybe I could get a chunk of change to help me pay the cost of getting to work.

I want a Government that is on the side of the grafters. The commuters getting up in the dark and getting home in the dark who are doing a days work for a days pay. Those who believe if  you want something you get it the old fashioned way. You earn it.

….and they call Tories nasty??

The Telegraph have an interesting (if unsurprising) story about shirts being sold at the TUC Conference which is essence are to celebrate the death of Lady Thatcher. It isn’t a surprise. Twitter is often full of those on the Left wishing ill on the former Conservative PM, and yet they call the Tories nasty?

Given its a Derbyshire grouping selling these things, and I am from Derbyshire I thought it worthwhile at least asking a couple of Labour MPs from Derbyshire to condemn the shirts.

Good sport, Chesterfield MP Toby Perkins responded to me, “@toryradio I certainly wont be buying 1. Thatcher’s legacy for North Derbyshire was a disgusting one, but no need to get in the gutter too.”

I put the final part in bold because of the picture below…..


…..Someone forgot to tell Ed!


Fiona Mactaggart is a Hypocrite

We all remember when Fiona Mactaggart essentially insulted Chloe Smith in the Chamber for having the temerity of being too you and a Minister. So much so that Fiona actually was publicly repentant for such a sin on this very blog.

Is it me, or is there now any irony to see Fiona Mactaggart criticise the Prime Minister for calling Dennis Skinner a dinosaur, and then trying to imply that the perceived rudeness is down to being schooled at Eton, thereby trying to make class the line of attack?

People don’t like politicians who adopt a ‘do as I say, not as I do attitude’, and Fiona Mactaggart has highlighted a prime example of this today.

Maybe her rudeness was also down to her schooling? Who am I to say?

This article first appeared on Dale & Co

New form issued for when MPs **** up on twitter

Racism or stupidity?

So the whole Abbotgate tweet has finally garnered an apology. Well an apology for any offence, not an apology for what was written. But let’s move on. I think politicians are very wary about talking about race and racisim. For me the interesting comments from twitter (yes there have been some) is the view by many that white people can’t be subjected to racism because they have all the power.

Absolute nonsense. You can have a non-white boss who could be racist. That’s why the same rule has to apply to everyone. Let’s be clear. There are white people who are racist. The last sentence is downright stupid because it is so obvious. But another stupid statement is Asian people can be racist and black people can be racist.

Do you think there is no racism between African Americans and Hispanics – of course there is. Now those who say racism can be defined by who has the power. Well some would say the white majority hold the power so Black on Hispanic racism doesn’t exist as neither hold the levers of wealth and power? Nonsense! I could regale tails of black people from African origin being racist about black people from a West Indian background – is that acceptable? No.

So from my perspective we shouldn’t accept comments that are racist from anyone should we? Maybe this is naive. Not as naive as the comments made by Diane Abbott though which at worst were racist and at best stupid – both of which are not qualities I would want in a possible future Minister.

Should Diane Abbott, Shadow Minister get away with writing this?

I make no judgement….

UPDATE:- No contrition….. clearly she stands by the comments!


Never use a tragedy for knee jerk legislation

The recent killings using a fire arm should not be used as some excuse to introduce knee jerk legislation. I didn’t think any of our MPs would suggest that the recent killings, awful and appalling as they were, provided a reason to ban the private storage of guns. But that is exactly what Chris Williamson, the Derby North MP has suggested. An honourable position to take – but in my view a ludicrous one.

If you are to ban the private storage of guns, would that mean my air rifle should be removed? And what about knives? I suspect there are far more killings using knives as weapon, including killings by the mentally unstable? You aren’t suggesting knives should be no longer allowed in our houses, yet people who have a legitimate reason to own a firearm should no longer be able to?

Yes the recent killing of innocent people in Durham is absolutely appalling, but removing guns from law abiding and mentally healthy people solves absolutely nothing.



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